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The Power of Mantras

There’s Always a Solution. This is the mantra I’m teaching my kids. The one I want them to say as they scrunch up their nose, start to turn red, and stomp a foot. Pausing to say, “There’s always a solution,” slows down rising anxiety, even through gritted teeth; it allows for the brain to reset and think. In the end, my children will walk their own paths and make their own decisions--even if I can clearly see the cliff they are heading towards.

“There’s always a solution” is the mantra I used as a corporate strategist for a $3B company to enroll department heads to think differently about our challenges in order to rally around the opportunities and create actionable plans for short and long term company success.

“There’s always a solution” is the foundation of my coaching sessions to help my clients move past difficult challenges. Sometimes the solution is obvious and all she needs is encouragement and accountability. Other times, we need to dig deep, grit our teeth and turn away from the cliff we’re heading towards.

“There’s always a solution” keeps me grounded as an entrepreneur. It keeps me moving forward and optimistic about the opportunity. But, when my journey feels impossible, that’s when I lean into my inner circle for advice, support, and honest feedback about possible solutions.

After all, my favorite mantra "It’s Better Together" works every time.


Executive Mom Nest Founder, Marcy Stoudt is passionate about developing leaders, bringing teams together, and creating a work environment where people thrive. For the past 25 years, she has worked with hundreds of women and executives and has coached, taught, and inspired results through confidence and balance.

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