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Turn Your Inner Voice into Your Biggest Fan

4 Simple Steps to Reframe Your Self-Talk

Not to brag, but as someone who has lived with myself my whole life, I'm a bit of an expert on me. Likewise, you are the chief expert on you. You know your wants, your needs, your values. You know what wears you out and what energizes you. We even talk to ourselves. Often.

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Jim Rohn says: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” He doesn't say: We are the average of the five people we WANT to spend the most time with.

Most people neglect to add a very important person to that list. Themselves. The question then becomes: Are you someone you WANT to spend time with?

It might not be easy, but it's possible to become your own biggest fan with these simple steps.

Step 1: Listen to your inner voice.

Is she kind? Thougthful? Generous? I’m a big believer in telling ourselves a different story. When we are off, acknowledge it. Say it out loud. Then find a way to reframe it. Be forgiving. Did you try your best? What can you learn?

Step 2: Do you have any negative repetative thoughts?

Are they limiting? Do they make you feel small? Negative thoughts can have many causes, including stress, worry, and upsetting life events. If they are set on repeat, we will be worn out just from the constant chatter.

Step 3: Write Down What You Tell Yourself

If you've answered yes to these, pull out your journal and write them down. Put the negative ones on the left side. The positive ones on the right.

Step 4: Rewrite Your Story

Next, draw a line through the comments on the left. On the right, add a positive comment to replace it. When you are done, place all the positive comments onto another piece of paper. Frame it, tape it to your mirror, take a picture and email it to yourself.

Become the person who will sit at #1 on the list of people you hang around. Become someone you WANT to hang around by turning your inner voice into your biggest fan. She’s going to be your #1 anyway, she might as well be someone you like!

Confident leaders know a secret: Your story matters.

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Alison Nissen Story by Revel Coach

Alison Nissen is the co-founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of Revel Coach, a career growth platform, which aims to help leaders perfect their business pitches and online presence through storytelling. Successful leaders use key storytelling points to engage their audience and gain market share because they know that good storytelling is the best form of marketing, recruiting, and fundraising.

She is also the author of the 2016 RPLA Unpublished Memoir of the Year Resolve, Courage, Hope. Cross your fingers that my next book will be out soon.

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