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How Working Moms can Create More Me Time

3 Easy Steps to Replace Negativity with Good Vibes

Many working women share a gift of caretaking. And, it’s a wonderful feeling to be needed by our loved ones. Somehow, however, this gift also comes with the stress of not enough: Not enough time, not enough support, not enough balance. If you feel overwhelmed that everyone in the world wants a piece of you, it’s worth pausing before there’s nothing left of you to give.

Now’s the time to give up pessimistic self-talk (nobody ever listens to me!), guilt (I’m the worst mother, I forgot to get snacks for the pre-school party), and blame (I’m too busy to work out.). Instead, take control of your thoughts and prioritize the right commitments. When you fill your thoughts with the many good things around you, you stop the anxious mental chatter that is robbing you of joy. Here are three simple (not necessarily easy) steps to bring back the good vibes.

Step 1

Make a list that clearly defines your priorities, values, and vision of success.

Step 2

Make a list of activities that drain you. Review which of these activities do not line up with your first list. Can they go bye-bye or be replaced? If yes, place them on your To-Don’t List.

Step 3

Celebrate. Create another list of activities that give you energy and make you excited.

These three simple (not necessarily easy) steps create space for us, space for our joy. Removing pessimistic self-talk, guilt, and blame is the best way for us to show up for everyone else—and for ourselves.

Find Harmony at Work and Home with Solutions at Your Fingertips

Executive Mom Nest Founder Marcy Stoudt

Executive Mom Nest Founder, Marcy Stoudt is passionate about developing leaders, bringing teams together, and creating a work environment where people thrive. For the past 25 years, she has worked with hundreds of women and executives and has coached, taught, and inspired results through confidence and balance.

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