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Focus: Do this One Thing NOW!

What are you doing right now? How about a tiny nudge to try something new?

Are you trying to listen to a webinar, scrolling the gram, getting pinged on Slack, and trying to write your blog post all at the same time? Ok, you're probably not trying to do ALL those things, but how often do you try to do more than one thing at a time?⠀

Or maybe more likely, how often are you finding yourself jumping back and forth between tasks? I'm sure you've already heard that multitasking is actually just task-switching, but are you still doing it anyway? Have you had the chance recently to work on only one thing, single-tasking – no phone, no Facebook, no Instagram, no distractions… did you feel in flow? Did you get more done in less time than you thought possible?⠀

There are so many productivity strategies out there, but if you only had the bandwidth to follow one, this would be it.⠀

As a human, I am imperfect. I'm a Productivity Coach, but sometimes my own productivity slips. I realized that I was letting distractions creep back into my life. So my mantra of this quarter is FOCUS. I sketched it out on an index card to put on my desk, and I write out affirmations each day to get this idea better ingrained into my work habits.⠀

So what do I do? I have been shutting down my email, putting my phone on silent, logging out of socials, turning off all non-essential pings on my phone and computer, closing down Slack, closing as many tabs as possible, clearing my desk, closing my door or putting in my headphones, and clearing my head. If you are in the zone, the last thing you want is a ping to pull you out of it - so not only do we have to work on single-tasking, but we also have to preemptively eliminate potential distractions.⠀

I'm still working on it. I'm still improving. But awareness is key, and I'm making progress.⠀

What are you already doing well when it comes to FOCUS and single-tasking? What is one thing you can commit to doing differently this week to improve your focus?


Lana Kitcher founded LK Consultants to help busy business owners and professionals alleviate stress and create time and space to do more of what they love. Through individual guidance, providing resources, tools and techniques, and building a framework for your specific needs, you can finally feel in control of your business.

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