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Wellness Holiday Gift Guide from Soul & Spoons

7 Extraordinary Gift Ideas to Make Someone's Day Special

1. For the Workout Enthusiast

One FREE Month of The Sculpt Society App!

Be sure to try out this Sculpt and Dance Cardio workout created by celebrity trainer, Megan Roup. What better way to spread the love than gift a free month of TSS to a family member or friend?

2. For the Healthy Snacker

Nourish your body and feed your spirit with clean plant powered staples for the pantry.

Use code: xoneela for 20% off at checkout!

3. For the New Parent

This baby carrier presents a contemporary mix of classic comfortable structured baby carrier with a modern minimalistic design. An amazing gift for an expecting or new parent.

4. For the Coffee Connoisseur

Discover nuances of flavor in this 75-minute class to learn to taste coffee like a pro.

5. For the Matcha Lover

The Essentials Set is an elevated collection of high-quality, handcrafted matcha must-haves thoughtfully sourced from Japanese makers.

6. For the Foodie

Bold. Bright. Delicious.

One of my favorite chefs, Eden Grinshpan's recently launched her cookbook! It is all about accessible cooking full of flavorful tastes and textures that reflect her Israeli heritage and laid-back but thoughtful style.

7. For the Healthy Goal-Setter

The perfect gift for any individual looking to make hands-on changes to their health and lifestyle. Book a session with me here!

Show your loved ones how much you care by gifting them the perfect and

thoughtful holiday presents!


Lifestyle Health Coach and Nest by Revel Advisor Neela Asaadi helps individuals declutter the overwhelm by taking it back to the basics in discovering your unique needs. She is your constant support system in accessing your “best self” by strengthening those life-long habits. To keep up with the latest healthy lifestyle tips and topics, follow along on the Soul & Spoons blog!

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