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The Beauty of Obstacles

When I was little, I wasn't sure what I would be when I grew up. Maybe a dancer, maybe a painter, maybe open up a hotel? All I knew was, I wanted to create and connect. Ever since I was young, I found myself in love with art, design and anything that allowed me to express myself through an artistic outlet. When I graduated college, in 2017, I launched my business as an entrepreneur in New York City (the concrete jungle). At that point in my life, having worked for so many different size companies and businesses, I knew I wanted to work for myself. I also knew it wasn’t going to be "easy" — but my parents always taught us, if you are going to work, be your own boss and be the best at whatever it is you choose to do.

Looking back, would I say it was a fairly smooth road? No... but that is the beauty of it. There are obstacles — daily. And again, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Five years ago– I moved to NYC, I launched a business then dealt with all of the struggles any entrepreneur faces — wearing multiple hats, juggling admins tasks, finances, operations, marketing and being creative. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. You learn so much about yourself and it is a magical journey. In the past year, I got engaged, moved to Miami and launched a second business. While there were so many challenges, I am so grateful to be right here, right now.

My advice: if you're afraid, use that as fuel and just go for it. If you overthink it, you will always make excuses and never take a chance on yourself. One thought I will always keep close to my heart is there is no such thing as a mistake, because we can learn from every experience and turn it into an opportunity to grow. Trust the process. The first person that has to believe in you, is you.


A big congratulations to Executive Mom Nest Event Curation advisor, Neela Asaadi who launched her new brand baby boutique - Lala by Nee - and we're obsessed. She's got all the cutest birth announcements, thank you cards, custom stationery, and nursery decor. As the Owner of Asaadi Graphics, Neela received The Knot Best of Weddings 2021 award, an annual by-couples, for-couples guide to the top wedding professionals across the country.

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