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Revel Coach Spotlight Member Shannon Work Launches New Book

Sometimes the deadliest storms have nothing to do with the weather.

Recently, Revel Coach+ interviewed the Mountain Resort Mystery Series author, Shannon Work who shared her tips on using Facebook Ads to successfully sell her books. Help us congratulate Shannon on the launch of her third book, The Killing Storm.

Fearing for her life, celebrity author Alice Fremont asks detective Jack Martin for protection. But during the deadliest storm of the winter season, Alice goes missing from her historic estate in the Colorado Rockies.

Now Jack is determined to find her. Yet during his search, he’s faced with an avalanche of secrets and lies.

The stakes are high, and some of the locals—including those closest to Alice—don’t like strangers asking questions. And at least one will do whatever it takes to keep their secret.

Will Jack’s latest game of cat and mouse be his last?

The Killing Storm is a fast-paced whodunit set in the chilling winter landscape of Telluride, Colorado, and the third book in the suspenseful Mountain Resort Mystery Series.


Have you tried to unlock the magic of Facebook Advertising? In this Revel Coach Live interview, we speak with Shannon about how she used Facebook Ads to launch her successful Indie book series.


Shannon Work grew up in Del Rio, a border town in the dusty wilds of West Texas. Summers were spent on the ranch with her grandparents. When she graduated high school, she moved east to College Station and earned a BA in Journalism and MS in Land Economics from Texas A&M University. It was at A&M that she met an offensive lineman on the football team who swept her off her feet and taught her how to appreciate football (American football).

Most of her working life has been spent developing real estate, earning a national Best in America Living Award for one of her developments.

Shannon and her husband are recent empty nesters and split their time between Houston, Texas, and Telluride, Colorado. Always with their laptops and dogs in tow.

When not writing or spending time with family, she likes to read, ski, and hike the mountains around their Telluride home. She's a huge Texas A&M football and basketball fan, and also loves rooting for the Houston Astros, San Antonio Spurs, and Denver Broncos.


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