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GLUE: A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite

What happens when a partnership breaks? Teams often struggle to remain resilient in the face of change. Revel Coach Spotlight Member Amy P. Kelly shares her leadership development strategies in her newest book, GLUE, about two friends who build a business together but have trouble maintaining both their friendship and partnership.

Cindy and Linda work together to build a business that grows into an award-winning part of their community. Their relationship spans years of hard work and creates a valued friendship, treasured family relationships, and trusted partnerships with employees and vendors. Then one of the women abruptly decides to leave the partnership and launch her own business.

All of a sudden, there are feelings of confusion, anger, and betrayal. Each woman is trying to follow her dream and purpose, but the situation is putting their business and friendship to a powerful test.


Revel Coach Spotlight Member Amy P. Kelly is a global human resources and talent development executive known for building high-performing talent and cultures, including award-winning workplaces and leadership development programs. Her passion is to help individuals become the leaders they were created to be. Amy believes in people and partners to build successful leaders and teams in all aspects of life, whether at home with her husband and four children, in her community, or in organizations around the world.

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