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Design an Internship Program that Helps You Explore Your Future Career Possibilities

As the middle of the summer rolled around, I began to panic when I realized I didn't have much experience working behind the scenes for a company. I quickly rushed to LinkedIn as many college students would search for potential opportunities when I remembered working with Revel Coach’s Score Program my freshman year at Denison University, a program that takes a team approach to career planning and networking.

First, I reached out to founders Alison Nissen and Marcy Stoudt for guidance on potential last-minute internships, and to my surprise, they asked what my goals were for an internship and if I could help with their website. After our initial discussion, it was made clear that organically growing a following was a #1 priority! With their help, I curated an internship that allowed me to explore a variety of career options in website design, marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

There is no doubt that people these days are pretty lazy when it comes to looking certain things up. We carry our phones to easily look up information, but the minute some people come across a confusing website, all desire to continue the research comes to a halt. My first challenge was to assess their site. They asked me questions about usability.

Next, they allowed me to take the reins over a little bit to help them reconfigure their website searchability. This required me to learn about SEO, metadata, and research best practices--something I didn’t know anything about. At each weekly check-in, I outlined my findings and presented to them the next steps to help grow their site organically--which they allowed me to implement!

Until this point, I had zero ideas of how websites worked or that marketing included more than making a pretty graphic. Through a combination of research and hands-on experience, I helped to correctly label website information and streamlined how Revel Coach will continue to grow its programs with SEO. I even helped build a LinkTree account for their social media accounts to help drive traffic to their website.

At the end of my internship, Revel Coach saw an increase of new visitors to their site by over 25%. With the task of growing the following more organically throughout my time, I made sure to use my research skills along with my generational knowledge in social media to accomplish these goals. As a member of Gen Z, I have become overly familiar with social media and what people want to see when they first click on a new website or Instagram page. People want everything in one place, where everything is easily accessible. Now when you search Revel Coach on Google, people will no longer be confused, everything is in one place with detailed descriptions about each program available.

Thank you Marcy Stoudt and Alison Nissen of Revel Coach for allowing me the opportunity to intern this summer. With their help, I was able to curate an internship that allowed me to explore and establish the proper SEO strategies necessary to update their website in order to achieve our main goal of organically growing their following. Through keyword research and a variety of technological efficiencies, we were able to achieve this goal, increasing their following by over 25%!

Thank you again for this opportunity.


Delia Crotty is a senior student-athlete at Denison University pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in Educational Studies. She is interested in all things health/wellness, specifically nutritional psychology and how nutrition affects both physical and mental health.

Revel Coach thanks Delia for her dedication to her internship in the summer of 2021 and for helping us grow our platform.

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