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4 Ways to Outpace Expectations: How Team Insights Help Your Team Thrive in a Competitive Market

Does your team need a boost of cohesion to achieve its goals?

We all know that teams that work well together achieve quality work, experience less turnover, and accomplish company goals. Human behavior can be a mystery but building a better team doesn't have to be. Since the mid-90s, I've been leading high-performing teams and leveraged various personality assessments to improve communication and achieve results. The challenge was that it was a "once and done" event that started to put a label on people based on a personality test. It's as if the person became so comfortable as a High D or an ESFJ that they became fixed. "That's just who I am."

Last year, our team discovered a tool that breaks down barriers, increases teamwork, and provides daily coaching tips about you and your teammates. The technology we invested in is called CloverLeaf, and it leverages 10 of the most popular assessment tools. By creating cohesion based on sound data rather than trial by fire, team members make better decisions, build trust, and gain momentum with honest and direct communications.

Here is a breakdown of 4 popular assessments we leverage with our clients.

Myers Briggs 16 Types

Like the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the 16 Types survey is based on the principles of humanistic psychologist Carl Jung. Understanding the 16 Types helps build self- and team-awareness to identify those behaviors that potentially hold your team back from being their best on a day to day based on Energy, Perception, Judgement, and Orientation. (Learn More about 16 Types)

The Enneagram

The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) has been described as a GPS of wisdom and a tool for compassion. The Enneagram uses nine personality types to describe patterns in how people manage their emotions and interpret the world around them. This framework plots every type on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to show how the types relate to one another by understanding deep motivations and fears which fundamentally shape a person's perspective and worldview. (Learn More about Enneagram)

The DiSC Assessment

The behavior-assessment tool DiSC aims to improve teamwork by measuring how individuals prefer to interact with others. Misunderstanding someone’s personality or behavior can become areas of stress affecting productivity and happiness. With DiSC, leaders learn to better understand themselves and teammates by dividing people into four main behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Correctness. The DiSC assessment is the key that can unlock better team relationships, conflict resolution, motivation, and team-growth. (Learn More about DiSC)

Clifton Strengths Finder

Strengths Finders measures the intensity of your talents in each of the 34 Clifton Strengths themes. These 34 themes represent what people do best. (Learn More about Clifton Strengths Finder)

Teamwork Leads to Dreamwork

Consider leveraging proven personality tests when your team needs increased cohesion for better results. Break away from job titles to uncover how each participant can increase connection and commitment to the team. The Revel Coach’s Cloverleaf Team Dashboard provides insights that help you create better team members and ultimately, a better team.

Discover how Teams by Revel and the Cloverleaf Dashboard help teams love working together.


Revel Coach Co-Founder Marcy Stoudt is passionate about developing leaders, bringing teams together, and creating a work environment where people thrive. For the past 30 years, she has worked with hundreds of women and executives and has coached, taught, and inspired results through confidence and balance. She spent 22 years in Corporate America in various roles from VP of Strategy to VP of Sales & Marketing. This experience influenced her passion for working with people, creating opportunities for others, and hiring talent based on character and potential. When she’s not coaching, you can find Marcy in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida enjoying time with her husband, admiring her 3 teenage children, and enjoying the endless pursuit of finding joy in every moment.

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