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High Fives

Expand Your Impact

We're excited to extend the opportunity to become a Revel Coach Leader!

Guide  the way as a Revel Coach  Leader

In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to serve our clients in all of our service offerings and take charge of a range of responsibilities that will shape the success of our members with plenty of support from our dedicated team.  

Expectations  of Leaders

We expect our Revel Coach Leaders to be proactive mentors who are eager to make an impact on our clients’ success. As a Revel Coach Leader, you will have the opportunity to serve our clients in the capacity of your strengths.  Each role listed has unique responsibilities. 

✔ Executive Coach
✔ Mastermind Facilitator
✔ Workshop Host
✔ Keynote Speaker

Support  from Revel

✔ All back office responsibilities, including client agreements, client billing, and member onboarding

✔ Dedicated CloverLeaf team for your Mastermind

✔ Sales workshops designed to help you fill Mastermind seats

✔ Marketing support

✔ Flexible Pricing, including 20% off and 75% off Friends & Family Discount Codes

✔ Revenue Share: 70/30 Split. 70% to Revel Coach Leader for Executive Coaching, MasterMind, Keynotes, and Workshops.

✔ Bonus CloverLeaf Passive Income: Same 70/30 Split for CloverLeaf referrals. 


Our Promise  to Clients

We promise our clients an exceptional experience in a community that they are excited to be a part of. As a Revel Coach Leader, you’ll play a key role in delivering on that promise. 

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Ready to join us?

Getting started is simple! We'll help with the back office and marketing lift while you do what you do best - LEAD, INSPIRE, AND MENTOR! 

The best opportunities are ones that allow you to earn income while doing what you love! As a Revel Coach Leader, you'll earn 70% of each service offering that you direct for Revel (Executive Coaching, Masterminds, Team Workshops, and Keynotes). To establish your role, there is a one-time fully reimbursable marketing fee of $2,000. Once your Revel revenue hits $2,000 monthly, we'll write you a check to reimburse you.  

Get inspired!

Check out some of our current Masterminds: 

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