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Improve Revenue Results by Cultivating a Winning Workplace Culture

Does your team effectively communicate your company's narrative to gain a competitive edge?


Storytelling separates good leaders and companies from great ones. It is the ultimate tool for marketing, recruiting, and fundraising. Through Design Thinking Strategies, discover how to create a winning message

Develop your story strategy today.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Own the Stage & the Page
with a Storytelling Strategy

Unlock the strength of your story in two powerful masterminds:

Write Your Book NOW! and Present with Power

✓ Craft Stories that Stick

✓ Create Impactful Delivery

✓ Connect with Audiences

✓ Content Strategy


Alison, there are no words that adequately describe the deep gratitude I have for you. Thanks to you the words made it from my heart and mind to paper and will help others in difficult situations find hope.

Scott Headley, Author Resolve, Courage, Hope 

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Unlock your team's potential and elevate your collective performance with our signature REVELation Workshop: Living Above Center™! This immersive experience is crafted to empower your team to fortify its vision with a storytelling culture where team members understand the company's value propositions. Members who understand and embrace your brand story become powerful advocates, driving engagement, loyalty, and business success. By exploring the Living Above Center concept, your team not only defines success on their own terms but also cultivates self-awareness to navigate challenges and maintain focus on shared goals.


Embrace a positive mindset and explore leadership storytelling principles to transform your life, work, and team dynamics while gaining practical insights on Living Above Center™ and the REVEL WAY. Elevate your communication confidence by mastering impactful first impressions, authentic storytelling, and influential writing.

Alison Nissen Revel Story


REVEL STORY supports REVEL COACH's mission to inspire teams and individuals on their journey to success by fostering confidence, inspiration, and belonging while guiding them to live life to the fullest while reveling in the moments.


Denison University  Magazine (Feature Article): Success 100 Ways--What does success look like after graduation from Denison? There are endless stories. We had to stop ourselves at 100. Sisters Alison Nissen & Marcy Stoudt are celebrated as 9 & 10.


Voices From Mariel (Editor)Between April and September 1980, more than 125,000 Cuban refugees fled their homeland, seeking freedom from Fidel Castro’s dictatorship. They departed in boats from the port of Mariel and braved the dangerous 90-mile journey across the Straits of Florida. Told in the words of the immigrants themselves, the stories in Voices from Mariel offer an up-close view of this international crisis, the largest overseas mass migration in Latin American history.

Resolve Courage Hope (Writer)On December 13, 2007, in the small town of Lake Wales, Florida, Leon Davis Jr. walked into an insurance agency with a gun, duct tape, and gasoline. He demanded money, wrapped two women in tape, doused them with fuel, and flicked a lighter.

In what is considered part of the worst killing rampage in Polk County history, Resolve, Courage, Hope tells the true story of how Scott Headley picked up the pieces after a longtime client deliberately and viciously killed two of his employees, the aftershock of Davis's murderous rampage, court trials, night terrors, and regaining his sen
se of self.

Motivational Moments: 52 Weeks of Motivation (Writer)Are you popular, powerful, a perfectionist, or peaceful? Are you a little of all 4? Whether you are a company bigwig or king of the kitchen, Motivational Moments will help you understand why people (you included) say what they say and do what they do. Using the Ancient Greeks' Four Humors personality decoder, uncover the secrets of your own and other's personalities using 52 sets of stories, fun facts, and challenges to help you become a better…

Bandits Below (Editor)In 1927, the Marines first undertake integrating their air and ground forces in pursuit of the bandit, Augusto Caesar Sandino. Christian Schilt rises from the rank of private first class as a gunner in a biplane searching for German subMarines, to a first lieutenant. He is the Marine Corps's top pilot, earning a Medal of Honor in this final Banana War, and the only one capable of catching the bandit. Retold with narrative elements and dialogue, the true story, Bandits Below, brings to life historical accounts of the Marines, battles, and events that played a part in the chase for Sandino.

Looking Life In the Eye (Selected Poetry)This third volume of Poets of Central Florida features exactly 100 of the best loved and most honored poets in Central Florida. The poets span the entire state from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast, with many from the Greater Orlando area. The theme of this contemporary anthology is Looking Life in the Eye, and many of the poems reflect the courage and resilience it takes to live well-whether it is life's challenges or blessings that have come to visit. No surprise, for many of the poets, it is their art that keeps them balanced and passionate about life. 

Big Cypress National Park Poetry (2nd Place): Big Cypress National Preserve invites you to submit your poetry for the second annual Big Cypress National Preserve poetry contest. Participants are encouraged to explore the national preserve, and write about their experiences. 

MDA/ALS Magazine (Contributor): MDA's award-winning Quest Magazine (also available in print for families registered with MDA) and the MDA/ALS Newsmagazine online archive provide readers with inspiring profiles of people living and thriving with muscle-debilitating diseases, research news articles, research analysis, medical and day-to-day care, tips for daily living, helpful products and devices, social and family issues, and much more. 

Tales from the Laundry Room Blog (Author)Alison Nissen is a writer who does daily battle with dog hair and laundry. She has taught collegiate composition and literature classes for over a decade. Currently, she is the co-founder of Revel Coach, an inspirational platform and managing partner of 3 Dog Tales Productions, a full-service Ghostwriting, Editing, Coaching, and Publishing company.

Florida Writer Podcast (Host)The Florida Writer Podcast: A Discussion about Writing & Other Things brought to you by the Florida Writers Association 

Chasing the Insights (Podcast Episode)Each week your host, Vince Warnock, has a fireside chat (minus an actual fireside) with some of the biggest and brightest minds in entrepreneurship, web3, mindset, marketing and sales (basically anything that helps you on your entrepreneurial journey). They talk through the insights they have learnt through their careers, the highs and lows, the lessons they know now and the lessons they wish they knew much earlier. This is your chance to glean the insights from the best in the business to help you to grow your business and to gain an unfair advantage.

Wild Women Who Write Take Flight (Podcast Episode)Women writers helping authors find support, encouragement, a damn good story, and unleash their inner wildness.

How to Boost Book Sales With Podcast Guesting (Feature Article)Hosted by Alison Nissen, the Florida Writer Podcast is centered around conversations with a wide variety of guest speakers including authors, editors, industry influences and publishers. Recent episodes touch on topics such as “The Publishing Process from A-Z” and “Networking to Open Doors to Marketing, Collaborating, & Selling Your Work” are sure to give you stellar advice from both Nissen and her top notch guests.

Florida Writer BlogFWA provides a professional atmosphere, a vast networking system, and valuable tools to succeed in today's publishing industry. 

CanvasRebel Meet Alison Nissen (Feature Interview)The small business owners, artists and creatives in our communities are brilliant and deserve more coverage, more platforms and more opportunities to share their stories and insights and we’re excited to play a small role in getting those insights out into the world through our CanvasRebel features.

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